There have been many changes in the past few years with accounting and bookkeeping software. Cloud-based bookkeeping users have access to their data from any computer. Real-time access to data enables better business management. Clients like it for many reasons:

  1. Scan and email documents
  2. Collect monies through Electronic Funds Transfer - EFT or deposit cheques via your phone
  3. Pay suppliers through EFT
  4. Pay Salaries by Direct Deposit
  5. Safeguard all your files in the cloud
  6. 24-7 access to all your data
  7. Electronically generated financial statements 

Although we have a local address, we provide virtual services and can support clients across the country as well as overseas. 

  • it makes information accessible from virtually any location and any device
  • it provides automatic backup for valuable data
  • it allows easy access to information for members of a team
  • it supports workplace flexibility
  • it is cost-effective

Technology is changing the way we support you in your businesses. With the rising acceptance of cloud-based accounting, we can assist business owners like yourself with more meaningful conversations about strategy, growth, and profitability, in real-time, as opposed to retrospective conversations.