The owners of most small to medium-sized business enterprises (SMBE) do not take the necessary time to prepare an effective Business Plan. Too often the owners and management team are too deeply immersed in the day to day activity of the business to think strategically.

Time spent working on the business is as important as time spent working in the business.

The Canadian government legislated the BDC bank to help SMBE owners with their business financing needs. Not only does a well prepared Business Plan improves your chances of getting funding significantly, it also refreshes and invigorates your strategic thinking.

ent® Chartered Professional Accountants is here to help you by starting or creating an effective strategic Business Plan. If you only want us to show you how to develop a Business Plan, we are here to assist you with that as well.

The Business Plan Helps Business Development

  • A Business Plan is a forward thinking strategic roadmap for your company. It will help keep everyone in the organization focused on the overarching company goals
  • A credible Business Plan will help present your organization to lending institutions as professional, strategic and well prepared
  • Existing and new companies should have a Business Plan to help direct their resources toward organizational goals
  • A Business Plan is a vibrant tool that will help identify your position in the marketplace. A strategically designed Business Plan helps you realize your company’s true potential and future market position.
  • The Business Plan will give you a step by step guide toward achieving your growth potential. Lending institutions look for this when approving loans
  • A well designed Business Plan will also help sustain organizational efficiency.

Benefits of a Business Plan

  • Steer your organization toward success in new markets.
  • establish and maintain a competitive focus
  • Identify emerging market opportunities

We Can Help With Your Business Development

ent® Chartered Professional Accountants is your profit and growth specialist, your success is our success. We can help you develop and write a comprehensive, forward-thinking business plan. We can also help navigate the process of applying for a small business loan. This allows you to maintain your focus on the important tasks of running a successful business!

Let the ent® Chartered Professional Accountants team of professionals will help you achieve your company objectives